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Submitted: Feb 27, 2011
By Tillman M. Peck


A second Breath-Of-Life Crusade was held at the same theater in the year 1979. Same evangelist. Same Conference. Same everything except that, this time, the 1978 members now participated in publicizing and staffing the 1979 effort.

After the 1979 Crusade, newly baptized members were allowed to decide which church they would attend. Many, if not most, of them decided to join the Breath-Of-Life Church that was formed in 1979. Others, however, chose to affiliate with other SDA churches closer to them.

As a result of increased membership following the 1979 Crusade, we outgrew the auditorium of the Dupont Park SDA Church School we had occupied since 1978. Therefore, we sought, and found, a larger space by renting the sanctuary and classrooms of the 19th Street Baptist Church (located on 16th Street, NW, in Washington, DC) for our Sabbath School and Divine Worship services. Thus we had Saturday services – Sabbath School and Divine Worship – at 19th Street Baptist Church, but we held all our other meetings, services, and activities at the Dupont School auditorium on Alabama Avenue, SE, in Washington, DC.

This split arrangement continued from 1979 until the time we acquired our church building. We began our search for our own church home shortly after the conclusion of the 1979 Crusade. We found land, we bought it, we built on it – and marched into our new sanctuary in Fort Washington, Maryland in the summer of 1983.